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As an artist I am exploring the moments captured when painting  En Plein Air. I love to interpret a moment into paint and canvas when you could be interrupted as there is a freshness and movement hard to capture without that pressure of time and environment. 
& Festivals


Orchid Society Art Show - 2nd Place Amateur category

Strathearn Art Walk - September


Art Walk - July

Strathearn Art Walk - September


Art Walk - July 

Art from the Unknown October 27-29

Anvil Coffee shop - August/September


Unfinished Painting Challenge at Paint Spot


Art Walk

Art from the Unknown

Unfinished Painting Challenge at Paint Spot



Art Walk

Art from the Unknown

Commission Information

May 30, 2019

So you would like to get a commission...

Absolutely I can draw or paint something of your chosen subject matter. There are a few things I’ll need you to supply in order for me to create an artwork, and a few questions that I’ll need answers to. I want this to be easy and for you to get what you want

  1. Medium - Different materials have different costs and therefore a higher price point

    1. Oil Painting

    2. Drawing - including color

  2. Size - How big?  - Your budget may determine the medium and price

    1. The price sheet attached has a list based on medium

  3. Timing - When?

    1. A deposit of 25% is required to secure your commission, I will send you an invoice once you’ve determined the size and medium. Shipping quote will be included in the price.

    2. Paypal or online transfer is available

    3. Is this a rush? Do you need it by a certain date? 

4. Pictures

High quality, well lit pictures are essential. If I don’t have access to your animal, place, etc then I need to get all the information from pictures. 

  • 2-3 images

  • Well lit, different angles if possible (animals especially)

  • Copyright - you need to have taken the picture or have written approval to use another person's image

Examples: Clear, well lit and expressive

5. Painting/Drawing Process

I will keep in touch with you via email to share the progress of your painting/drawing. I find that this helps you keep engaged in the process and we can make small tweaks if needed.

6. Final Payment

At this time the remaining balance will be due and I will send an invoice for the remaining balance.


7. Shipping

Once final payment is made I will ship the artwork flat packed and provide the tracking number.


8. Photos 

Once you have received your artwork I will post on my Instagram and website. Your photos are always welcome, I look forward to seeing where and how you’ve chosen to display your new art.

Success! Message received.

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